The Refactoring a Multi-portal Application Experiencing Rapid Growth and Threatened by System Instability and Data Loss


Initially hired to assist with optimizing workflows and interfaces for a product that was experiencing fast paced growth and was discovered to have fundamental design limitations that were contributing to system and application instability and threatening continued growth for the company. The architecture was not new to our team, but was slightly outside of our expertise, and management was hesitant to make significant changes to a product that had established itself as a heavyweight contender in its market. Additionally, the product required new features due to the expansion of the process it facilitated and additional user needs, while additional growth and customer service challenges continued to surface.


In addition to multiple new features and user experience improvements, we redesigned and implemented and new system architecture, expanded the system infrastructure, and due to new design efficiencies, contracted the system infrastructure’s resources by a factor of 11 (over 1,000% more efficient) while the number of client portals more than tripled. Our initiatives lead to increased customer growth, satisfaction, retention while also allowing for a variety of other efficiencies to be introduced to the organization’s technological approaches and management, to include integrating DevOps, Agile Scrum, cloud technologies, and developing more dynamic product development roadmaps and marketing strategies.


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