Coming in 2023

The Evolution of a Collection of Evaluation Management Modules into a Single-page Application


After supporting the design and development that brought the product through its second version and the major release to the third, we were hired to revisit the entire architecture and user experience while redesigning the entire application and its add-ons for its next release as a single page application. Based on new business requirements, user feedback, and major changes to the underlying framework, several aspects of the software had to be complete redesigned and all aspects of the application needed a tighter and more cohesive experience.


Years of feedback, prototypes, and new feature concepts were merged into a comprehensive set of high-fidelity mockups for a single page application that capture workflow efficiencies and a plethora of usability improvements. The new designs and exercises in these early project phases have been utilized to advance the requirements gathering and user testing that will feed into the upcoming development of the rebooted product that serves approximately 100k users in tracking their professional development.


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