How We Work

We Use Agile Design and Development Techniques to Deliver Quality, Efficiency, and Effective Products


Goals & Planning

Design & Develop

Refine & Repeat

We perform most of our services in short design and development increments and are able to create professional, and mobile-responsive website in single increment.  You get to choose the number of increments where each increment is more advanced features and evolved user experience.

Our process depends on the involvement of our customers and is designed to tackle your needs in the order those that add the most value to your business.  This keeps us focused on your goals and allow us to adapt to changing priorities and needs.

We use this agile process for more than web development.



Landing Page Creation

Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Advertising Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Content & Sales Copy

You want a site that contributes value to your business.
We take your site to that level.

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A Day in the Life:  Take a Closer Look at a Grindflow Sprint Iteration

Sprint Planning

Leading up to the Sprint our team prepares for the iteration by defining the Sprint goals and objectives, preparing our digital environments, researching competitors, determining information needs, and gathering materials, such as:  graphics, photography, and content.


The morning of the Sprint begins with the Grindflow team reviewing research, materials, and information on our project board, which contains a full list of all the tasks and priorities for the sprint and is updated throughout the sprint process.  We begin creating drafts, designs, mockups, and wireframes while we improve on concepts to execute our strategies.  As challenges and constraints arise the team works together with a collaborative approach to ensure our Sprint Goal is achieved.

Sprint Review

Upon completion of the iteration, the team regroups to test, review, and revise the product of the sprint session in preparation for review with the customer.  The customer provides the team with feedback, suggestions, changes in priorities, and new ideas that our team collects and works into our backlog for the next sprint.  Small adjustments are instantly integrated into the sprint product in preparation for deployment.  Larger changes are managed in the task board backlog for prioritization into future sprints.  After the development is accepted by the customer, the product is published or deployed to production.


Our process is one of continuous improvement.  At the close of each sprint cycle, our entire team meets internally to examine our processes and discuss the successes, weaknesses, and any adjustments we can make to improve our ability to deliver quality products to our customers.  This is a critical part of our process to ensure we are always looking for ways to make our services more valuable, efficient, and effective. After the sprint, we continue to work to collect the results and data from our efforts in order to present them for further analysis and research for our customers and for planning the next sprint iteration.

Check out some of our work using Sprint iterations:

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