About Grindflow

Grindflow Management LLC is a certified SDVOSB and body of collaboration across multiple management and technology disciplines. We rely on teamwork, visualization, open-source communities, lead users, scanning and knowledge transfer to provide cost-effective and flexible business-to-business and management consulting services.

We deliver solutions through our three fields of expertise: technology, management, and sustainability. By matching small businesses with advanced tools and practices, we seek to strengthen their competitiveness and their ability to sustain within their environment, community, and industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to scan, evaluate, and diffuse efficient and innovative business technologies to our customers to assist in strengthening competitive advantages and creating sustainable value.

Our Vision

To put innovative solutions and services easily within the reach of every small businesses.

Company Value Statement

Act benevolently and create lasting effects.

Our Goal

Our company was established with the goal of strengthening small businesses effectiveness and efficiency through advice, services, and resources that are commonly beyond the reach of small businesses for reasons of excessive premiums, doubtful applicability, and integration challenges. It is our desire to deliver technologies, business practices, and information to more organizations, particularly those small businesses whom we feel stand to benefit the most.

“We empower small businesses using the resources that empower us.”

We are a green company operating under the triple bottom line philosophy which gives equal significance to the community and the environment as it does our operating business model.

We are proud to support our former outreach program, now a 501(c)3, the Green Impact Campaign, which helps small businesses by providing free energy surveys to provide savings opportunities that are identified by volunteers and students with access to the Grindflow developed GEMS system, a Drupal based energy management portal.

What’s in a name?

grindflow – “to strengthen organizations through innovative solutions”

“grind” – This word has many meanings to us. It represents the daily grind of our day-to-day work, the friction and resistance encountered where objects meet (like technology and business), and the diligence of grinding away to accomplish the things we need to get done.

“flow” – This word stands in contrast of grind and represents the state of things running smoothly and freely. It’s a state of mind, as in being “in my flow,” or as described by the author and psychologist, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, it is that state where you are at your best and your most creative; time and your surroundings vanish; and your best results materialize.

Grindflow is where these two opposites come together, pun intended. We believe in the power of creativity and innovation to enhance our daily lives and to make processes and systems run smoothly. Grindflow is the introduction and transition of new technologies and innovations into our business environments. Grindflow Management is the team that is there to help businesses make the decisions and take the steps toward leveraging modern business tools.

We want to contribute to your success.