User Experience Design & Prototyping

User experience is a reflection of a well-designed customer experience.


Satisfying user experiences that work toward your goals

Brand enhancement through professional touches

User centered design approaches

Our design process is user-centric, data-driven, and value-focused.

We strive to build satisfying and effective digital experiences using human-centered design processes and iterative prototyping.



Need product photography, content imagery, shots of your space, or employee headshots? We can help! Grindflow has skilled and experienced photographers on staff to assist you in bringing your online presence to life.

Brand Design

Does your digital identity and appearance reflect the mission of your business? A professional appearance is the first step in developing the image that will reflect your company, the value of your products and services, and customers use to identify your brand.

Our branding services are available to assist companies that are seeking to develop or revamp their branding.

Application & Site Design

Portal Design Solutions

Responsive Design

Custom Graphics

Landing Page Design


Logo Design

Data-driven, human-centered design techniques and Agile methodologies.

We can help you through the full lifecycle of digital product design and delivery.

UX Design & Usability

Human-Centered Design, Custom Software Applications, User Interfaces, Heuristics, & Human Factors Improvements

Lean UX & Scrum

Project & Program Support, Dual-track Design Sprints, Prototyping techniques, Agile Methodologies & Lean UX/HCD

Branding & Marketing

Digital Branding & Customer Acquisition Strategies including Advertising & Conversion Optimization with an emphasis on the Customer Experience