UX Strategic Services and Agile Consulting

We are user-focused, data-driven, design-thinking consultants that assist organizations in improving their use of Agile methods and Human-Centered Design techniques in the software development processes.

We help our customers establish multi-disciplinary stakeholder groups, gather critical user input, and leverage rapid prototyping and Scrum techniques to drive the software development innovation process.

Our 4 tenents of successful UX outcomes based on the Lean Startup and Lean UX principles of build, measure, learn and continuous improvement:

Venture – Identify the problem and engage in cross-functional solution ideation
Verify – engage users, confront assumptions, and hypothesize
Visualize – design collaboratively and leverage rapid prototyping
Validate – user test early and iterate on feedback

Lean UX Consulting – strategies, training workshops, and integrated services

Software Application Design:

  • Prototyping & Design Studios for Minimum Viable Products & Requirements Visualization
  • Design System Creation and Maintenance
  • ScrumMaster Services – Integrated User Advocacy, UX Design, Business Analyst, and Team Management
  • Product Owner Support & Backlog Grooming
  • Lean UX and Parallel Design Sprints


  • Intro to Agile Scrum, Backlog Creation, & Kanban Training
  • Sprint Process Management & Effective Retrospectives
  • Building MVPs using Prototyping and the Degrees of Fidelity
  • Micro Sprints for Any Team – How to Turn A  Small Project, Team Goal, or Routine Process into a One-Day Scrum

We facilitate cross-functional teaming that focuses on utilizing human-centered design techniques in order to achieve better solution outcomes, production adoption, and reduced development rework.

“Product differentiation is ultimately an expression of the creativity of individuals… and is limited only by the opportunities that exist, or that can be created…”

Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage. Barney, Jay. 2007

Custom software application design from concept to production.

We assist in validating, designing, and managing the delivery of digital solutions using the modern and innovative design and development techniques.

Let’s discuss your project:

Using Data-driven, human-centered design techniques and Agile methodologies.

We can help you through the full lifecycle of digital product design and delivery.

UX Design & Usability

Human-Centered Design, Custom Software Applications, User Interfaces, Heuristics, & Human Factors Approaches

Lean UX & Scrum

Project & Program Support, Dual-track Design Sprints, Prototyping techniques, Agile Methodologies & Lean UX/HCD

Branding & Marketing

Digital Branding & Customer Acquisition Strategies including Advertising & Conversion Optimization with an emphasis on the Customer Experience