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Performance History and Case Studies
“Working with Grindflow has been outstanding! Not only do we have a more professional looking and engaging web presence, but also we have better customer support. Our digital marketing efforts and content strategy are attracting more clients and reaching out to new markets. We are extremely happy with Grindflow’s work. They have become an integral part of our team.”

Dr. David M., Co-Founder, EduLink Inc.

“The level of professionalism and attention to detail that the entire Grindflow team provides us is second to none. We’ve not only seen results from their services but we’ve enjoyed partnering with them all along the way and we look forward to further strengthening our relationship with them in the near future.”

Nick L., Managing Partner, Vet Evolve Inc.

“Grindflow has helped tremendously with marketing our business and bringing customers in the door. They have done a great job in outlining strategies that fit our company and all of their employees we’ve worked with were super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!”

Andrew H., Manager, Back Country Ski & Sport

E-commerce Retail (B2B & B2C)
Software as a Service
Heating and Cooling
Real Estate Sales
Roommate Matching
Property Management
Factory & Heavy Equipment
Energy Management

Asset Tracking
Executive Coaching
Speech Therapy
Medical Devices
Residential Exteriors
Networking – People Matching
Coin Manufacturing
Promotional Branding
Educational Tools
Shipping Logistics
Veterinarian Services
Professional Portfolios
Automotive Services
Outdoor Gear & Equipment
Non-profit Organizations
Community Portals
… and others.

Industries & Types of Companies We’ve Worked With:

The relationships we have with our clients are privileged and therefore project assets are held in confidence.

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Our team has contributed UX and tech solutions to organizations of all sizes, from soloprenuers, to assisting much larger UX teams.

Subcontracting to IRS Support

Featured Case Studies:

Case Study: Edulink Inc.

Digital tools that assist school districts and their educators with day-to-day administration and management.

About the Company:
Pittsburgh based web technology development company that creates web tools to assists educators across the state with meeting state regulations as it relates to evaluations, reporting, record keeping, and professional development.

To assist the company with optimizing and enhancing their most popular SAAS product to include system redesign, feature design, application development, strategic planning, and brand management to include raising brand awareness, improving customer support, and improving efficiency for a large and growing user base.

UX & Related Services Provided:
Design, Digital Marketing, Consulting, System Administration, Paid Advertising, Development, Helpdesk Project Management, Prototyping, UX Improvements, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Enhancement Features, Brand Development, Marketing Planning

Case Study: Green Impact Campaign

Online energy management for small business and sustainability training platforms for student volunteers.

About the Company:
This DC based 501c3 has been providing training to students across the US and beyond for 5 years and has brought over 500 students to the doorsteps of small businesses and major organizations to perform free energy surveys. Powered by a custom developed, online energy management system and mobile-friendly training platform, this Grindflow sponsored outreach program empowered what has become a highly-awarded student sustainability movement.

To develop a custom platform to facilitate a scaled down energy audit that would serve as a dashboard and computer based training platform for small businesses and student volunteers. And to create a successful brand strategy to bring the product to market through grassroots efforts.

UX & Related Services Provided:
Design, Digital Marketing, Consulting, System Administration, Paid Advertising, Development, Project Management, UX Improvements, Conversion Optimization, Automation, Features, Brand Development, Marketing Support

Case Study: My College Roomie

Software as a Service for universities to help incoming college students improve their roommate matching.

About the Company:
This Pennsylvania based company is the result of one man’s quest to improve the college roommate experience! What began as a great idea has come to life as a SAAS platform that is helping universities improve their housing services and streamline their processing while making a better roommate experiences for incoming students.

Assist in bringing this endeavor from concept to market by designing and developing a custom platform while also consulting on technology, marketing, and strategic approach.

UX & Related Services Provided:
Market Research, Project Management, System Administration, Requirements Gathering, Design, Prototyping, Development, Strategic Consulting

Case Study: ToddyGear
promotional branding company

E-commerce operations for an innovative mobile accessories firm that offers promotional branding merchandise for businesses and consumers.

About the Company:
This Chicago based innovative company successfully made phone and tablet cleanliness a colorful and fashionable extension of the device owner. Over the years, ToddyGear has grown their product portfolio of B2C online retail offerings and has been showcased at CES while also making a name for themselves in the promotional branding industry.

To streamline fulfillment and store operations, expand e-commerce feature set, increase traffic and transactions, and provide SEO and marketing support while also providing technology guidance to internal stakeholders in support of digital branding efforts.

UX & Related Services Provided:
Design, SEO, Consulting, Conversion Optimization, API Integrations, System Administration, Security, Paid Advertising, Development, Project Management, UX Improvements, Automation, Features, Brand Development, Marketing Support

Strategic UX Services & Tech Consulting


Data-driven, human-centered design techniques and design-thinking, Agile methodologies.

Full-lifecycle, digital product upgrade services:

User Experience & Usability

User-centered design & UX/UI strategies derived from human-factors psychology, heuristics & data science 

Product Support

Sprint-zero to future-state planning with design-thinking, Agile methods and Lean UX processes

Technical & Growth Marketing

Traffic acquisition, user tracking & analytics, & conversion optimization strategies for digital sales pipelines