Digital Marketing

Customer Acquisition Strategies & Tools

From branding to campaigning, we utilize tracking and analytics to implement data-driven marketing strategies to drive your business growth

Data driven decisions and measured ROI

Creative, yet strategic approaches


Modern best practices in multiple channels: PPC, SEO, SMM

Build brand capital, recognition

Coordinated cross-channel campaigning


Competitive research and maneuvering to increase market share

Grindflow creates a big picture strategy to help you understand your audience and engage customers.

We work closely with your team to understand your online presence, then build strategies that promote your brand. Our Brand Analysis services help you better understand what drives your business and brand value. Helping our clients to connect with their audience, leverage brand value, and identify new opportunities is our priority. Additionally, your custom marketing strategy will help you focus on the right mix of marketing approaches going forward.

Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Once we have an insightful client brief and a better understanding of the market they operate, we determine the right marketing channels and create a marketing plan. Next, we create marketing campaigns to fit each clients’ needs and their budget. We develop a marketing mix specifically designed and tailored to each individual client. This includes the following channels but is not limited to: Keywords Analysis and Paid Search Strategy, Display Advertisement, Landing Page Creation and Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and 3rd Party Service Analysis.

Our Process & Reporting

We onboard each customer with a full review and analysis of digital channels to form a strategy that will serve your business objectives, such as increasing appointments, calls, or foot traffic. Grindflow provides monthly reporting on all initiatives and regularly coordinates with stakeholders to ensure the highest support of current goals. All campaigns are optimized regularly to maximize the performance and optimize client’s KPI.

Here are a few components of what may be included in your brand analysis:

Brand Personality

Identified based on your company culture, values, and behavior.

Market Analysis

Provides valuable data about target markets, an analysis of your competition, and the current state of your industry.


Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats – A closer look at your company for a clear picture of it’s purpose and market position.

Market Strategy

We help you establish the right marketing mix in to campaign toward your goals.

Data-driven, human-centered design techniques and Agile methodologies.

We can help you through the full lifecycle of digital product design and delivery.

UX Design & Usability

Human-Centered Design, Custom Software Applications, User Interfaces, Heuristics, & Human Factors Improvements

Lean UX & Scrum

Project & Program Support, Dual-track Design Sprints, Prototyping techniques, Agile Methodologies & Lean UX/HCD

Branding & Marketing

Digital Branding & Customer Acquisition Strategies including Advertising & Conversion Optimization with an emphasis on the Customer Experience